Who looks after my portfolio?

We have three teams that have separate and distinct responsibilities in the management of your financial affairs. The client services team are responsible for any administrative related functions including transactions and data entry. The adviser services team are responsible for the strategic aspects of the portfolio, such as the structures and entities in which investments are held, recommending and implementing financial strategies and determining the appropriate risk profile. Finally, the research team has responsibility for managing the investment portfolio within the constraints determined by your risk profile, which includes asset allocation and investment selection.

How often is my portfolio valuation calculated?

Your portfolio valuation is updated every business day. This information is based on the most current unit prices provided by fund managers and financial data service providers.

If I need to withdraw some cash, how long will it take to reach my personal account?

When the cash is available in your account and your withdrawal request is received before 12pm, the funds should be available in your personal account the next day. However, if cash needs to be made available within your account the withdrawal will take up to one week to complete.

When can I expect to receive confirmation of any purchases/redemptions that have taken place in my account?

Whittle & Skok will send confirmations to you within 2 business days of the trade being placed.

When can I expect to see recent purchases/redemptions in my portfolio?

When viewing your portfolio on the Whittle & Skok website, please note that it may take up to ten working days for all aspects of the purchases/redemptions to be updated, as we await the official confirmation details.

What is the deadline to make super contributions for the current financial year

It is important to make super contributions at least 5 business days before the end of the financial year, as BPAY payments can take three days to reach the destination account. For contributions to be counted, they need to have cleared in your superannuation account by the last business day of June each year.

When can I expect my tax information to be provided to me or my accountant each year?

For clients who self-lodge their tax return with the ATO (lodgement due date 31st October each year), your information will be provided to you as soon as possible, usually no later than 30th September.

For clients who use the services of an accountant, Whittle & Skok will liaise with your accountant and provide your tax information between August and February (lodgement due date 15th May each year).

What should I do if I go on holidays?

Contact our client services team and notify them of the dates and any arrangements that you may have put in place while you are away. They will arrange for any mail to be held if required.

Should I notify Whittle & Skok if I draw a cheque from my Self Managed Superannuation Fund?

Yes, as part of our reconciliation process we need to record any withdrawal made from your Superannuation Fund so your accountant can treat it correctly in the tax return. Tax payable, accountant fees, auditor fees and payments for upgrading trust deeds are a few examples of withdrawals that can be made.

Can Whittle & Skok view and update my Centrelink account balances?

Yes, if a nominee agreement has been put in place. Under this agreement Whittle & Skok have the ability to view your current balance and payments rates, and update your account details with Centrelink.