How do I know if your wealth management solutions are right for me?

The first and most critical step to understanding your individual goals and circumstances is by sitting down and discussing this with you.

In order to achieve this, we provide an initial consultation that is complimentary and of no obligation to you. We also use this time to educate you about our firm, the services and advice we provide, and our investment philosophy so that you can make an informed decision as to whether the value we can provide is right for you.

Are you a financial planner or investment manager?

Both. We are a wealth management firm that provides a holistic service combining strategic financial advice and professional investment management.

We strongly believe that to give our clients the highest chance of achieving their lifestyle goals they need to be provided with excellence in both strategic financial advice and investment management. It is for this reason we have dedicated and experienced in-house teams in both areas.

In whose name are the investments held?

Your investments are always held in your name and/or your associated legal entity.

As part of our service, and to ensure you are progressing towards achieving your goals, we actively manage client investment portfolios to take advantage of expert knowledge of our research and investment team and any market opportunities that arise. However, at all times during our ongoing relationship, you retain control and ownership over your investments.

Can we hire you as an investment manager without a Statement of Advice?

Our fundamental approach in providing the best possible outcomes for our clients is to identify and understand their unique goals driven by their individual circumstances as well as their attitudes toward a range of factors.

It is only when we have identified clients’ objectives and communicated this in our initial advice, that we are able to most effectively implement and manage clients’ investment portfolios towards achieving these objectives.

How do I become a client?

The first step is to contact us by calling our office or emailing us. We are always available and open to speak with you and answer any questions you may have.

We strive to ensure that right from the outset we can provide value to you. As such, we encourage you to come in and speak with us to discuss your thoughts and goals and ask us any questions you may have. This initial consultation is complimentary and without obligation to you.

How will you communicate to me?

We strive to keep you informed about all aspects of our service, including our views on the world, our investment strategies and the progress towards achieving your lifestyle and financial goals.

This is achieved through regular written publications, teleconferences and face to face meetings. Clients also have secure online access to their portfolio details and our research database.