If you want financial advice, you go to a financial planner; if you want your investment portfolio professionally managed, you go to an investment manager. What if you believe, as we do, that successfully progressing towards achieving your life goals and objectives requires a combination of both?

At Whittle & Skok Financial Services we strongly believe that to give our clients the highest chance of achieving their lifestyle choices we need to provide excellence in both strategic financial advice and investment management. body-dialThis is the reason why we have built dedicated and experienced in-house teams.

Our strategic financial advice team is focused on providing creative and informed advice through developing a thorough understanding of each individual client’s thoughts, goals and concerns. Our discussions take into account factors such as tax planning, asset structuring and planned transfers of wealth.

The dedicated investment research & management team has the responsibility of managing our clients’ investment portfolios. The investment research & management team has extensive experience and has successfully managed our portfolios through numerous investment cycles. Having our own research team allows us to challenge conventional wisdom and create portfolios specifically designed and tailored for our clients and their objectives. We believe this  in-house management provides a significant advantage and ultimately results in better performance outcomes.

The ability to combine strategic financial advice and professional investment management is why we offer our clients Wealth Management Solutions.